Melton Logistics Culture

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Company Culture

Melton Logistics Culture

When a position comes available our first goal is to find qualified candidates, however in close second is finding the right personality. Our team is just that, a TEAM. They work together, go to lunch together, and volunteer together in the community. That is why we place such an emphasis on great personalities that work well with others. Our friendly environment breaks down barriers and creates an open, successful atmosphere.

Both the Tulsa and Laredo sales offices get rowdy, and at times you can barely hear yourself think above the din, but the result is amazing; a group of people as diverse as they come, working together to push Melton Logistics to the next level.

Service Oriented

Our company bases its success on the quality of our service, but that does not stop at the end of the work day. Melton Logistics is constantly reaching out to our community in fun, sustainable ways. Whether it's helping Hilti build a home for victims of the Joplin tornado with Habitat for Humanity, or partnering with Catoosa's Police Department to sponsor their first K-9 unit, we endeavor to make an impact in our neighborhoods.