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Flatbed Freight Services

From pipe to machinery, lumber to steel, and anything in between, Melton Logistics has the expertise and availability to handle all of your flatbed needs throughout the US, Mexico and Canada. We work closely with our customers to determine the correct flatbed equipment solution to meet their shipping needs along with providing a lane and route analysis.

We understand that when moving your shipment by flatbed, making certain that your cargo is secure is of vital importance. Our flatbed carriers provide full shipment securement, whether your load needs tarps, chains, straps, binders, padding or anything else, they will have it. We believe in partnering with only the best carriers that meet our company’s high standards, and we select these carriers based on their dependability, efficiency, quality and safety.

Our network of flatbed carriers provides both 48' and 53' flatbeds that can scale up to 48,000 pounds. Depending on your company's needs, our carriers also offer air-ride trailers for your fragile or high-value loads.

Our account professionals will work with you in handling every phase of your shipment.